AutoCAD Tutorials (categ.)

2.4.1 - Organize Information with Layers

Layers work as overlays on which you keep various types of information. Use layers to group drawn geometry in distinct and separate categories according to similar features or a common theme.

For example, in your drawing "floor plan" you can create three different layers with the names Walls, Door and Notes (Fig.2.1.1). All the walls of the drawing will exist on the layer "Walls", all the doors on the "Door", all the text on the "Notes" layer, and so on. If you want to appear on your drawing only the walls, you will make visible the layer "Walls" and all the others invisible.

With Layers you can control the following:

  • Whether objects on a layer are visible or dimmed
  • Whether and how objects are plotted
  • What color is assigned to all objects on a layer
  • What default linetype and lineweight are assigned to all objects on a layer
  • Whether objects on a layer can be modified
  • Whether objects display with different layer properties in individual layout viewports

Every drawing includes a layer named 0. Layer 0 cannot be deleted or renamed.

It has two purposes:

  • Ensure that every drawing has at least one layer
  • Provide a special layer that relates to controlling colors in blocks