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2.4.4 - Object Properties

Next, you’ll practice the commands you learned in this section and try some new ones by creating new layers and changing the layer assignments of the rest of the objects in your bathroom:

1. Click the Layer Properties tool in the Home tab’s Layers panel to open the Layer Properties Manager. Create a new layer called Fixture, and give it the color blue.
You can change the name of a layer in the Layer Properties Manager. Select the layer name that you want to change and click it again so that the name is highlighted, or press
the F2 key. You can then rename the layer. This works in the same way as renaming a file or folder in Windows.
2. Press the Esc key to clear any selections and then click the Tub and Toilet blocks.
3. Right-click and choose Properties from the context menu to open the Properties palette.
4. Click Layer in the list of properties, and then select Fixture from the drop-down list to the right of the layer listing.
5. Click the X at the top of the title bar of the Properties palette to dismiss it, and then press the Esc key to clear your selection.
6. Create a new layer for the door, name the layer Door, and make it red.
7. Just as you’ve done with the walls and fixtures, use the Properties palette to assign the door to the Door layer.
8. Use the Layer Properties Manager to create three more layers, one for the ceiling, one for the doorjambs, and one for the floor.
Create these layers, and set their colors as indicated (remember that you can open the Select Color dialog box by clicking the color swatch of the layer listing):

Ceiling Magenta (6)
Jamb Green (3)
Floor Cyan (4)


Completing this stage, you will have drawn your project as it is shown in Fig.1.1.2 (house The AutoCAD Environment