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2.4 - Modify objects

In this step you will learn the following:
• Properties of Objects
• Select Objects
• Erase Objects
• Cut – Copy - Paste
• Move - Rotate Objects
• Offset Objects
• Mirror Objects
• Fillet - Chamfer
• Extend – Trim – Stretch
• Break – Join - Pedit

2.4.1 - Object Properties

Every AutoCAD object, such as a line or a circle, has properties.
Object properties control the appearance and behavior of objects and are used to organize a drawing.
Some properties such as Color, Linetype, and Layer are common to all objects.
Every object has general properties, including its layer, color, linetype, linetype scale, lineweight, transparency, and plot style.
In addition, some objects have properties that are specific to their type.
For example, the unique properties of a circle include its radius and area.
When you select an object, its properties or quick properties palette is displayed and lists the selected object's properties.  When more than one object is selected, only those properties common to all selected objects are displayed.
When you specify the current properties in a drawing, all newly created objects use those settings automatically. For example, if you set the current layer to Walls, the objects you make will be on the Walls layer.

Use the Properties Palette

The Properties palette (Fig. provides a complete list of all property settings.
• If a single object is selected, you can view and change the properties for that object.
• If several objects are selected, you can view and change their common properties.

Quick Properties palette

  • On the “Drawing Status Bar” (Fig., turn on the icon Quick Properties .
    After this, when you click an object, the Quick Properties palette opens, and you can make changes to its properties (Fig.
    To customize the properties displayed on the Quick Properties palette, click the Options wheel at its top-right corner, as shown in Fig.

image088 h20221 2411 p22 Fig. – Properties palette

image090 h20221 2412 p22Fig. – Quick Properties – Customize

The dialog box ‘Customize User Interface (CUI)/Customize’ (Fig. will open where you can customize the Quick Properties palette.
You will notice that in the upper left window is selected the “Quick Properties field. “
At the right window, on the first panel, the object “Line” is selected, and at the next panel, to the right, the displayed properties on the Quick Properties Palette for the object line are checked (Fig.
Here you can check or uncheck the properties you want to display on the Quick Properties Palette.

image092 h20221 2413 p22 Fig. – Customize User Interface (CUI)

Copy Properties Between Objects

You can copy some or all the properties of an object to other objects using the Match Properties tool or enter MATCHPROP in the Command line.
The usual properties that you can copy are color, layer, linetype, linetype scale, lineweight, transparency, and thickness.

To copy properties from one object to other objects

  • Click the Home tab ►Properties panel ► and click the Match Properties icon (Fig.
    • Select the source object whose properties you want to copy.
    • If you want to control which properties you want to copy, enter s (Settings).
    • In the Property Setting dialog box that will open (Fig., by default, all properties are ON. Uncheck the properties you don’t want to copy, and click Ok.

image096 h20221 2414 p22Fig. – Ribbon - Match Properties

image098 h20221 2415 p22Fig. – Match Properties – Properties Settings