AutoCAD Tutorials (categ.)

Modify objects

1.4.1 - Move Objects - Basic

You can move one or more objects at a specified distance and direction from the originals.
To move objects with precision you use coordinates, object snaps, grid snaps and other tools.

1.4.2 - Copy Objects

With the copy command, you can create one or more objects from the original at a specified distance and direction, or from one point to another point. Begin the copy command via Ribbon.

1.4.3 - Rotate Objects

You can rotate one or more objects around a specified base point and direction from the originals.
To determine the angle of rotation, you can use an angle value, or drag the object using the cursor, or specify a reference angle to align to an absolute angle.

1.4.4 - Offset objects

With offset command, you can create a new object in a certain distance but parallel to the original.
You can use the offset command to offset : Lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, 2d polylines, construction lines, rays, and Splines.