AutoCAD Tutorials (categ.)

Modify objects

1.4.2 - Copy Objects

With the copy command, you can create one or more objects from the original at a specified distance and direction, or from one point to another point. Begin the copy command via Ribbon.

1.4.3 - Rotate Objects

You can rotate one or more objects around a specified base point and direction from the originals.
To determine the angle of rotation, you can use an angle value, or drag the object using the cursor, or specify a reference angle to align to an absolute angle.

1.4.4 - Offset objects

With offset command, you can create a new object in a certain distance but parallel to the original.
You can use the offset command to offset : Lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, 2d polylines, construction lines, rays, and Splines.

1.4.5 - Trim Objects

When an object intersects with another object, you can remove its unwanted portion by using the Trim tool. To trim an object, you need to first invoke the Trim tool, and then select the cutting edge (intersecting object) and the portion to be removed.